Halcyon Mark 49 Classic Motorcycle Goggles

The unique look and style of the Halcyon goggles have remained the same for over 60+ years! First worn by world war two RAF pilots. This traditional fashionable goggle has continued to be style. Whether you are a motorcyclist, vintage car owner or even aviation pilots.


  • One size fits all with the adjustable headband.
  • Non-slip headband with silicon lining.
  • Hand stitched real leather face mask.
  • BSI approved, safety tested lenses.
  • Highly polished solid brass frames.

Made To Last A Lifetime

Made to Last a Lifetime. Most modern goggles and eyewear are mass produced using plastic molded components. This is even the case with other traditional style goggles. Halcyon goggles are different. Goggles are made using the same materials and manufacturing techniques that were first used 70 years ago! Using dozens of individual operations, taking a solid sheet of brass and refining into the finished product. A considerable amount of time and care is spent on manufacturing a Halcyon goggle. All Halcyon products are completed at our factory in Hertfordshire, England. We use chrome plating over solid brass frames and real leather. “Materials designed to last a lifetime.” – Ray Anker


Purchase This Product

The Halcyon Mark 49 Black Leather with Chrome Frames are available to buy online. Find this product on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay or via Classicpartsltd website. To see our full Mark 49 Classic Goggle Range, visit our website.

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